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Date: 15th July 2018


The concept of Leadership is all about vision. Leaders share a dream and direction that other people want to share and follow. For Leaders, a vision is not just a dream but a reality that has yet to come into existence.
A leader is a person who thinks outside the box. However, an exceptional leader is a person who has never been inside the box.

A good example of vision in the Arab World is that of the Late Shaikh Rashid the father of the current ruler of Dubai, Shaikh Mohamed. It is purported that in the early sixties, while browsing through a copy of Newsweek (or Times) he asked his advisor how much it would cost to put a ‘one page’ advertisement of Dubai in the magazine. His advisor then blurted, “but, your highness, such an advertisement can cost us around US$ 10,000/-?”
A very huge amount considering it was around 45 or more years ago. But His Highness had shaken his head and said, “The whole world knows America or China or India, I just want a few people who will read this advert to know that there is another place in this world called Dubai and Arabia. That we also exist.”
That was his vision and today we need not talk about how Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and the surrounding areas have taken off and established a place and name for themselves in the world.